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Steve Austin, is a noted Americana & Blue Grass influenced folk musician, singer and songwriter!


About Steve

"He has more music in his feet than some people have in their whole gee-tar," drawled one Montana cowboy. He was referring to the rhythmic dance Steve does while picking and singing.

"I want to thank Steve Austin for opening the show for me. I noticed all of him was working!" said a Nashville star to the audience.

Austin keeps his hands, feet and voice working through the energetic originals and covers ranging from bluegrass to folk to contemporary Christian. His one-man show features guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, voice and dance board.

Steve's earliest music experiences were positive. At about five, he heard a campfire singer on a family trip. "My parents couldn't drag me away until the very last note was sung," he comments. "I was mesmerized."

Later, his folks brought him from Wisconsin to Austin, Texas, New Orleans and Nashville. "I was there to listen, to soak up every note. I was amazed how friendly Nashville was. I was invited up on stage to perform, and I was only 15."

In his college years, he performed at restaurants to help make ends meet. In his early 20s, he played mostly pubs and worked in a forest fire lookout tower while living in a rustic cabin. Later, he found himself opening shows for Nashville stars when they came through Green Bay.

Today, Steve Austin hangs his hat near Nashville and recently appeared with bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds.

Although he has five albums and two network appearances to his credit, Steve keeps a down-to-earth view of things. "My stage and studio work have to be balanced with family, church and tending my music store, employees and students."

"I love it all, and I'm in it for the long haul."





Rhythm Ranger



Recent Illinois Tour

Steve with Emily and Karen
at Secure Processors in
Olney, Illinois.  Steve got
a big Thank You card from them
following his August 4, 2011, show.




Steve Austin (third from left) will celebrate his 12th year in business during the month of March.  Austin owns Steve Austin Music in Portland.  (Photo submitted.)

Austin celebrating 12th year in business

 By Scott Wilson
The Portland Progressive
Page A1
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
(Reprinted with permission)

 When Steve Austin opened up his music store in Portland in the late 1990s, he will tell you he had no idea what he was doing.

He had never run a business before and he didn’t know anything about inventory, personnel, overhead, nothing. Austin took a true leap of faith when he opened the doors 12 years ago.

Well, starting March 1, Austin will be celebrating his 12th year in business and Steve Austin Music, located on Main Street in Portland, is going as strong as it ever has.

“From the very beginning, I hit my knees and said to God that ‘I can’t do it without your help. I don’t know how and you’re going to have to guide me,’” Austin said. “He’s been with me through 12 years of good and bad times, 12 years of making friends in the community.

“I now sell to individuals, churches and schools. I teach a lot and that is probably the backbone of my business. I love interacting with the people. I think we’ve made it and we’re going to be here for a while.”

 Austin, considered one of the top musicians in Middle Tennessee, tossed the idea of opening a business around one day after a moving experience with his son.

“I was a traveling musician and this was in the late 1990s. I was doing 300 shows a year and I would typically be gone a week at a time and then come home for a couple of days,” Austin said. “And sometimes I would even be gone for a month at a time.

“I became a father and my son was 9 months old. One day I was watching him sleep and he woke up, looked and me and burst into tears. That’s when I realized he barely knew his father. I started thinking then about how to get off the road.”

And after setting his mind to what he knew he had to do, nothing was going to stop him.

“I knew there wasn’t a music store between Gallatin and Bowling Green at the time and I kept thinking Portland would be a possibility for a location to open a store,” Austin relayed. “I kept touring but I kept my eye out and one day as I was driving through Portland on Highway 52, I had an impulse to turn and look at Main Street.

“I fought it because I had already looked there. But the impulses continued, so I drove down here and the building next to me was for sale. We made a deal with the seller on a handshake and I started out with six guitars and no real business knowledge.

“I had to learn as I went along and it took time to build the inventory and win the trust of people in town. I love this business, I love this town and I am in it for the long haul.”

Austin offers a wide variety of items and services for his customers. He has an assortment of musical instruments as well as a collection of music CDs.

“We have guitars, band instruments, banjos, antique guitars, everyone should be able to find something to meet their needs,” said Austin. “We have a large collection of bluegrass, gospel and traditional country CDs, so even if you can’t play anything but the radio, we have something for you.”

Austin also offers individual musical lessons.

“I am still planning everything we’re going to do for our anniversary celebration,” said Austin. “I would encourage everyone to stop by. The anniversary sale will run through the month of March and there will be something for everyone.”

Steve Austin Music is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Austin can be reached at 615-323-0701, by email at steveaustinmusic@yahoo.com and on his Web site at www.steveaustinmusic.com


Jesse McReynolds
Pictured: Steve with Grand Ole Opry Star Jesse McReynolds.  Steve recently performed in the dinner show before WSM's Midnight Jamboree, which starred Jesse McReynolds.



Steve with his son, Matthew, age 12.
"Being a dad has revolutionized my life.  Before making a decision, I try to factor in the question: 'How does this affect Matt?'"


Steve with his son, Matthew, 2012


Daniel Rothwell
Pictured are banjo artist Daniel Rothwell and Steve at the Pick Inn in Gallatin, Tennessee.



Vanessa Mandrell
Steve with friend Vanessa Mandrell at a recent concert
of hers in Portland, Tennessee, near Nashville.



Jesse McReynolds' 80th Birthday
Steve performed with Jesse McReynolds, the Grand Ole Opry star, Friday night, July 10, 2009, at Jesse's 80th birthday bash in Gallatin, Tennessee.  McReynolds invited Steve on stage at the spur of the moment, and they performed Seein' Nellie Home and I Saw the Light to the delight of the crowd.  (Photo courtesy of Jesse McReynolds.)



Musician leaves stage to share talents with students
By Candy Webb, Portland Progressive, Portland, Tennessee, 2008

While developing his career in the entertainment industry, country western artist Steve Austin thought nothing would ever beat touring, performing and hearing the applause of adoring fans, but when his son Matthew was born 10 years ago, everything Austin ever loved paled in comparison to being a father.

“When my son was born, I knew I wanted to come off the road and be involved in his life,” said Austin. “My son Matthew is the reason I’m here.” Austin opened Steve Austin Music, which is now located on Main Street. Through the store he provides lessons in voice, guitar, drums, mandolin, beginning piano, bass guitar, banjo, fiddle and harmonica. He also sells a wide variety of music equipment as well as instruments.

Austin worked hard to earn the trust of the Portland community through patience and faith.

“It took about two years for the customers to really start coming in,” said Austin. “While I was waiting for the customers, I spent my time praying and fixing up the store to look even better.” Once the customer base started building however, it was very loyal.

“This community has been very supportive since I arrived,” said Austin. “I also love that it is such a faith-based community and the Lord plays such a big part here.” According to Austin, he has made more friends in the time he has been in Portland than he made during his 20 years of traveling.

“I had friends but they were spread out,” he said. “One might be in New Jersey, another one might be in another state. I didn’t have a social base. Now, I know half the town by name and its really nice.” Austin believes that his love of teaching comes through God and allows him to give back to a field he has loved for so long.

“I discovered that I have a gift for teaching,” he explained. “I can meet someone one on one where they are and build upon it. They sense that I really enjoy the process and that helps them relax and enjoy it too.” His students are between five and ninety years old and the only thing they have in common is the desire to learn.

“I have one elderly student who is around 80,” said Austin with a smile. “Whenever he masters something, he chuckles to himself. I love it.” Austin recommends that parents treat music in the same way that they treat their children’s academic subjects.

“It is up to the parent to be assertive when it comes to music,” Austin continued. “When their kids come in they need to say ‘did you do your math, your spelling and practice your guitar?”

When asked what instrument parents should encourage their children to learn first, Austin didn’t hesitate.

“If they are 10 or younger, they should start with drums or piano because they are the easier ones to learn. If they are older than 10, let them follow whatever instrument interests them. By that age, they have the coordination and the ability to stay focused on the lessons,” Austin elaborated.

Austin still performs professionally and can be found at www.SteveAustinMusic.com.

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